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The province of Padua is the hub for all tourist attractions of the most enchanting Triveneto: from Venice to Lake Garda for lovers of art, from Lido di Jesolo (center of summer fun) to the Gardaland amusement park (Verona, the largest in Italy, 3 rd in Europe), everything goes through Padua and its beautiful squares.



Important Roman city, the legend that it was founded by the legendary Roman hero Antenor.
Padua's people great doctors! The University of Padua, founded in 1222, is the second oldest in Italy and counts among its Distinguished Teachers none other than Galileo Galilei.
Very Fine the historic Caff Pedrocchi, neoclassical and eclectic with Moorish and Egyptian.
Here is the famous Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto, the Florentine artist who breaks with the tradition of the International Gothic style and, through new discoveries and future lighting effects, sets the stage for the birth of modern European painting. The conservation of the frescoes is highly structured and complex: visitors must first be "decontaminated and dehumidified" in a special room and the climatic conditions of the chapel kept under strict observation.
Beautiful and majestic, embellished by the genius of Donatello and other contemporary artists, the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, the relics of the saint and is the object of pilgrimage, an important center of Christendom. Anthony, however, despite the name (of Padua) was born in Lisbon!
Padua is "the city of coffee without doors, without the lawn grass and the saint without a name", where coffee is the Coffee Pedrocchi without doors, without the lawn grass is the Prato della Valle and St. Anthony is the saint par excellence!
Padua and the ritual of the aperitif! Here comes the famous liqueur Aperol and here is launched the fashion for Spritz, tasty appetizer spread throughout the triveneto!
Beautiful area of the "Euganean Hills" and "Terme Euganee" healing spa famous worldwide for its therapeutic properties and health. The major centers (Abano Terme and Abano) located only 10 minutes from our B &


Built on the water, no roads passable by cars, a unique city in the world also ... in the names! The only one square of San Marco ( 'Piazzale Roma, where the only access to the machines), other squares are called fields, roads streets, river channels (with the exception of the Grand Canal and that of Giudecca). Furthermore, turning to Venice you will come across beautiful churches dedicated to saints ... never heard before! C 'because a: the names are in Venetian Sant'Alvise (Luigi), San Stae (Eustace), Zanipolo (John and Paul), Marcuola (cast Ermagora and Fortunato), San Pantalon (Pantaleone), San Zulian (Giuliano ).
The beauty of the buildings overlooking the Grand Canal amazing! To switch from one bank of the canal, there are only three bridges: the Ponte degli Scalzi, Rialto and the Accademia.
Beautiful and romantic Bridge of Sighs to the famous Palazzo Ducale, shame ... sighs referenced were those of lifers! The Palace, home of the Doges, a huge catalog of masterpieces. In the Hall of Great Council graced the portraits of the first 76 doges, with that of the traitor Marin Falier obscured. On the main wall, c 'the world's largest painting, Tintoretto's Paradise.
Venice the city's famous Carnival. Its origins (probably due to the Roman Saturnalia or the Dionysian rites of the Greeks) are immersed in the mystery, although clear that this rite had some sort of cathartic function in a strongly hierarchical society, allowing for once a year, even the most humble of do things normally forbidden by wealth (masquerading all, there were no more masters and servants). The Senate already ufficializz the Carnival in 1296
Important "Lido of Venice," which expands to the town of Jesolo, the center of nightlife in the early summer months, full of beaches and nightlife, the European hub of fun together in Ibiza.



Verona is the city of love! And 'the city of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's famous masterpiece. Thanks to the work of Shakespeare popolorit the name "Verona" has been adopted by many U.S. cities (more than ten!), Canadian and Australian. Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy Paradise dedicated to Can Grande della Scala, Lord of Verona.
The city of the Roman! The third largest in the world (after the Colosseum and the amphitheater of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta) and one of the best preserved, so much so that it is currently used for a wide range of events and festivals.
Behind the beautiful cathedral, with deference income and education in the Palace of the Bishop! Here Giovanni Della Casa began to spread the etiquette, the handbook of good manners that everyone should know.
Verona City of paint! Many painters were born here: Pisanello, Altichiero, Liberal, but especially Paul Caliari, called Veronese. He was bishop of the Venetian painting of the sixteenth century, the glory of the Italian Renaissance.
In the second week of April do not miss the wine fair Vinitaly ("Fair International Wine and Spirits"), the most important in the field.
Of importance, the under side tourist resorts have the "Garda," where is the most beautiful lake and important of Italy and the largest entertainment center in Italy "Gardaland", 3 amusement park in Europe for Visitors and size .

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